Eleganto Drops Captivating “One Of A Kind” EP on STMPD RCRDS

Eleganto's latest EP, the aptly-titled One Of A Kind, adds a fresh layer of sophistication and raw emotion to his repertoire.

Each of the five songs from the project, out now on Martin Garrix's STMPD RCRD imprint, offers a unique glimpse into Eleganto's musical vision.

"This EP is more than just a project," he said. "It represents my journey of self-discovery, the ongoing battle to develop my own sound, my DNA. To push musical boundaries and break the rules of genres."

From the opening track, "Hot Rush" we're immersed in a captivating blend of enchanting melodies and exhilarating beats that showcase the Spanish producer's fearless exploration of house music. With its haunting melodies and pumping production, it draws you in and leaves you spellbound from start to finish.

That track generated lots of hype when it was featured at his Levenslang set in Amsterdam, showcasing his new artistic direction. The location also has a great story of its own, considering it'ss a former boiler room of an ex-bastille.

Infused with infectious energy and an undeniable groove, "Hands Up High" emerges as a beacon of classic house music rejuvenated with a contemporary flair. A dancefloor anthem in the making, the track's unbridled euphoria is palpable, compelling us to surrender to the music and let their hands fly high in the air.

Elsewhere on the EP, "U Got Me" is another standout, presenting a dreamlike atmosphere that envelops listeners in its captivating soundscapes. The track creates a sense of intrigue and emotion, drawing us in with its lush textures hypnotic groove. Then comes "Sugar Spice," which draws inspiration from the ageless mantra "sugar, spice and everything nice" to take us on a lyrical journey that resonates with warmth and familiarity. Here, Eleganto's production perfectly complements LexBlaze's witty bars and wordplay for a delightful blend of old-school charm and new-age dance music.

Listen to One Of A Kind below and find the new EP on streaming platforms here.