Eli Brown Ventures Into Fashion With New Streetwear Label, 92 Thing

From the shadows of Bristol's underground music scene to the forefront of global techno, Eli Brown has continually pushed boundaries. Now, the prolific DJ and producer is set to make waves in the fashion world with the debut of his streetwear brand, 92 Thing. 

Since Brown's breakthrough in 2016, he has captivated millions with the visceral energy of his music. His cult-like following recently manifested in a sold-out pop-up rave in NYC followed by a headline show at The Great Hall, both of which sold out in under a minute.

The essence of 92 Thing is deeply rooted in Brown's own history. Born from the clandestine corners of Bristol's rave culture, the brand pays homage to the audacious spirit of 1992’s underground scene, a pivotal period in dance music history that continues to influence Brown's music today.

Eli Brown.

92 Thing

92 Thing features a contemporary apparel collection that fuses modern fashion with nostalgic elements, designed for those tired of conformity. Each piece in the collection embodies the daring and innovative spirit of the early 90s rave scene, promising to resonate with both streetwear enthusiasts and Brown's dedicated fanbase.

The label transcends typical artist merchandise by infusing the exclusivity and hype-driven appeal of streetwear, offering a limited initial release of just 200 units. 

As he continues to explore new realms of artistic expression, his latest musical endeavor further cements his status as a techno powerhouse. He recently unveiled his exhilarating EP, Trick Daddy / I Got Money, through his own Arcane imprint, showcasing a blend of Middle Eastern influences and pulsating, vocal-driven club cuts. Check out the two-track EP here.

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