Elon Musk hosts ‘Cyber Rodeo’ at new Tesla factory

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Guaranteed to make a spectacle everywhere he goes, Elon Musk‘s latest stunt happened just last Thursday at Tesla‘s brand new Gigafactory in Texas.  The event was donned “Cyber Rodeo” and marked the grand opening of the Austin-based space.  The new colossal factory is expected to employ around 10,000 people and will play a vital role in the future for Tesla.  Musk has stated that the Gigafactory will also double as Tesla’s HQ and will be the largest cell factory in the world.

In typical Musk fashion, the unveiling of this $1.1 billion dollar site couldn’t get underway without a massive kick-off party.  Not only did the ‘Cyber Rodeo’ offer a sneak peek into the Gigafactory, but also offered tons of entertainment for the 15,000 guests including carnival attractions and games, food trucks, a petting zoo, numerous snack stations, dancers on rollerblades, a tattoo parlor, and a mechanical bull, not to mention, tons of EDM.

While the Cyber Rodeo seems rather odd, Dan Ives, an analyst with Wedbush Securities stated it’s quite a momentous occasion.  “Thursday’s “Cyber Rodeo” event is a milestone moment for both Tesla and Austin.” He told the Austin-American Statesman, “It’s significant. It’s a historical event for Tesla. It’s important from a production perspective with Model Y production and also doubling down on its U.S. footprint… The rodeo signifies really a new beginning for Tesla in Austin.”

This event sure seems like it’s one to remember for in-person attendees, however, you can find a live stream of the Rodeo below:

Image Credit: CNN


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