Ukrainian volunteers are holding “clean up raves” to help restore damaged homes

A bunch of Ukrainian volunteers have banded together and are hosting “clean-up raves” to help restore and rebuild damaged homes and buildings amid the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The group is called Repair Together and they’re made up of mostly young Kyiv residents with some volunteers traveling from other parts of the country.  The “clean-up raves” consist of these volunteers and are scored by a DJ blasting techno beats while they help repair the damages.  To date, they’ve completed eight projects and have restored 16 homes.

While nightlife and many other day-to-day events are currently halted in Ukraine, Repair Together offers a helping hand by inviting young ravers to listen (and dance) to club music while doing authentic humanitarian work.  An organizer for Repair Together, Tania Burianova,  recently told AP, “I like electronic music and I used to party. But now it’s wartime and we want to help, and we’re doing it with music.”

Repair Together is not nearly done with the dance and clean effort with future projects in the pipeline, one including a camp in Lukashivka where they are planning to build twelve brand new homes for those who have lost theirs in the war.

Oleksandr Buchinskiy, a DJ for Repair Together stated to AP, “These are all young people that still have a passion for life, but they feel pain and are very sad and angry because of the war, But they feel a need to take part in this historical moment, and help people, and make Ukraine a better place with a smile on their faces.”

To learn more about Repair Together and to donate to future efforts click this link here.


Image Credit: Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

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