An Official Avicii “Levels” Merch Collection Is Launching in 2024

Avicii's "Levels" has lived on inside the hearts of his fans, but they'll soon be able to physically emblazon the song across their chests. 

Subscribers of the official Avicii newsletter today received an email with details of a new limited edition "Levels" merchandise collection, which is launching in mid-May on the late artist's web shop. 

In a clever homage to the track's BPM, the exclusive collection is limited to a run of just 126 units per product. It features a black t-shirt, flat-brim hat and hoodie, each of which carries the spirit of the song's timeless appeal.


For fans of Avicii, hearing "Levels" is a near-spiritual experience. The breakthrough 2011 single was a tour de force for the dance music legend, launching the career of a prevailing icon before it was cut short in 2018, when he tragically died by suicide.

Prevalently regarded as one of the most popular EDM songs in the genre's history, "Levels" has stood the test of time as a generational anthem. Since the start of 2024, the track has been streamed over 530,000 times a day on Spotify, per today's newsletter.

Fans of Avicii can register for notifications on the availability of the limited edition "Levels" merch collection here.

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