Introducing the Talented Producer and DJ Semark

In this exclusive interview, we’re joined by the talented Semark to discuss his path into Electronic Music, his musical journey so far, and delving into his process when it comes to creative expression. With over a decade of experience on the DJing circuit both in the UK and Europe, Semark is making his talents known, having had previous releases on labels like The Fat!, 2220 Records and Right Good Records, as well as radio play on stations like BBC Radio 1Xtra and Kiss FM. 

As he continues to focus his creative energy on delivering high-energy performances and productions, Semark appears a powerful force to keep an eye on so, we’re looking forward to learning more about this talented Producer and DJ today through this enlightening interview. 


Hi Semark, how are you? 

I’m very well, thank you! 


Can you tell us about your journey into the world of music and how you got started as a DJ and Producer? 

Sure, I mean I was completely obsessed with music from the moment I could hear! I actually started by learning to play the piano when I was a child. I made it to about grade 6 and then traded in the piano for a set of decks. My first gig was at my school’s disco! Production came a bit later, but I was making beats in my teens. 


What sets your music and DJ style apart from others in the industry? 

I’d say that as a DJ, I don’t pay too much attention to genres/sub-genres now. For me, it’s all about energetic Dance music with lots of emotion. Connecting with the crowd is a big one, I love to see people losing themselves in the music and having an amazing time. 


How has your experience playing in different venues and cities influenced your music and performance style? 

I feel like playing in different places has really taught me the value of reading a crowd and being able to respond to the dynamics of the dancefloor. Playing in different venues and cities has also helped me to identify some tracks that just work everywhere! 


Could you walk us through your creative process when producing new tracks? 

Sure, I usually start with a melody, to be honest. I’ll find a sound that inspires me and start playing some chords until I find something I like. Then I might look for a vocal. Once the musical ideas are there, I will go ahead and start working on the drums and produce the whole thing fully. 


You’ve had releases on several labels and worked with Artists like Mollie Collins. How do these collaborations impact your music? 

It can be fun having someone else to bounce off in the studio, and if they have a different style it’s always possible to learn something new. I also love doing remixes, my first productions were all remixes. 


What do you enjoy most about performing live, and do you have any memorable moments from your gigs? 

I love performing live full stop! I get such a huge buzz from it. Over the years there have been a lot of memorable moments in lots of different places, but one that sticks out, I suppose, was when I was playing the closing set at a day rave in Kent. The venue owner turned the sound system down, so I maxed the booth monitors and spun them around. The crowd were loving it but not the venue owner unfortunately, due to noise complaints from the locals, he cut the power altogether pretty soon after that! 


Your productions often have a nod to early 90s House music. What draws you to this era, and how do you incorporate those influences into your tracks? 

It was 90s Dance music that first really resonated with me. I was only about 10 years old when I started to collect tapes and CDs from this era. I got hooked on the uplifting nature of a lot of these tunes, and the sounds. I found a Korg M1 in my dad’s studio when I was a kid and discovered the famous Piano and Organ pre-sets – which I still often go to now in my productions. 


What are your goals and aspirations for your music career, especially in 2024? 

My main focus in 2024 is on my own productions. I’m just getting stuck into making music at the moment and I’m excited to see where it goes! 


How do you stay inspired and motivated to create new music? 

I can end up feeling quite inspired to write ideas after a gig, or even after listening to some new music that I love. The motivation to get ideas fully produced is a bit more logical, like I need to make sure I’ve had a good night’s sleep and then plan to spend a few days in the studio. The music, after all, is the reason I’m a DJ so it is very important to me to create my own. 


Lastly, could you give us a glimpse into your future plans? Are there any exciting projects or releases on the horizon that your fans can look forward to? 

Well, I can say that I have a lot of new music that I’m really excited to share with everyone, and I’m feeling really good about 2024. I’m working really hard at the moment to bring my ideas to life and I’m just looking forward to doing my thing! 


As he promises to bring original productions to listeners soon, we’re looking forward to discovering Semark’s sound further, diving into his captivating sonic world as he continues building his release catalogue. So, we close out this interview by thanking Semark for his time and eagerly encourage you to keep Semark on your radar by following him across social media. 


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