Runner Attempts to Break World Record by Completing 26-Mile Marathon While DJing

Taking multitasking to a whole new level, a New Jersey man is attempting to set a new world record by completing the London Marathon while DJing.

Imagine running 26.2 miles with a 17-pound mini-stage strapped on your shoulders—that's the challenge for Gus Fraser. The New Jersey native, 45, says he'll attempt to run the grueling marathon in under five hours while mixing live on a Numark DJ controller to break the Guinness World Record for "Fastest Marathon whilst DJing (male)."

This year's London Marathon will reportedly feature a staggering 79 Guinness World Record attempts, most of which are goofy, like "Fastest marathon in a full-body inflatable costume." But unlike most of those, Fraser's effort isn't fueled by hubris, but by altruism. Inspired by the loss of his father to pancreatic cancer, he's running with the goal of raising £100,000 for the nonprofit Cancer Research UK, who claims to be the world's largest independent cancer research organization.

"This run is more than just a record attempt; it’s a personal crusade against cancer, a disease that affects one in two people today," Fraser wrote on his fundraising campaign.

He's not the only one running the London Marathon for a good cause. Louise Butcher, a 50-year-old woman from Devon, is racing topless to raise awareness of breast cancer after her mastectomy and aesthetic flat closure surgery, according to Daily Star.

The London Marathon is scheduled for April 21st. Fraser will be livestreaming his world record attempt on his YouTube channel.


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