iFeature Merges Dubstep and Drum & Bass in Explorative Album, “Forbidden”

Blending dubstep, drum & bass and everything in-between, iFeature is making waves with their latest album, Forbidden, which has just been unveiled.

Also known for their off-kilter pop alias yanvince, iFeature heavily champions their hands-on approach to every aspect of the creative process. Beyond their musical talents, which range from piano to guitar and drums, they also handle their creative direction as a visual artist while independently managing and promoting their career.

With Forbidden, iFeature invites us into their world while telling a personal story of self-discovery and acceptance. Out independently, the release offers listeners a captivating journey through 12 tracks that explore themes of vulnerability and defiance, positioning the artist as an exciting one to watch.

As intimate as it is heavy-hitting, the project blurs genre lines as a testament to the artist's fearless approach to production. “Cromia" kicks off the project with its mystical ambiances and glitchy synths while “Angel” alongside Dayshades makes for one of its most bass-heavy tracks. Songs such as “Hermes” and “Thymomenos” expertly display iFeature’s impressive sound design and the explosive “Unharmed” closes the record on an emotional high.

Crafted in the intimate confines of their bedroom studios in Paris and Lübeck, Germany, Forbidden represents a bold step forward for iFeature. From its intricate production to its confessional lyrics, the album is carefully curated to convey a sense of vulnerability. Take a listen to Forbidden below.