New Netflix Film From Ed Banger Creative Director Depicts a DJ Redemption Arc

The high-stakes thrills of electronic dance music are set to hit the big screen at Netflix.

Ed Banger Records creative director So Me, whose real name is Bertrand de Langeron, is embarking on his debut feature film. The untitled Netflix original features the influential French electronic music producer Kavinsky as well as Vincent Cassel, whose acting repertoire swings from the dark, haunting corridors of Black Swan to the slick charm of Ocean's Thirteen.

Cassel slips into the shoes of Scorpex, a once-famous DJ whose career is in decline as new stars rise to fame.

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Cassel's Scorpex finds a chance at redemption by virtue of a secret mission from an eccentric French intelligence agent wherein he must ultimately take out his ascendant DJ rival, Vestax. Portrayed by the French YouTuber Mister V, Vestax sets the stage for an epic showdown with Scorpex, pitting the wisdom and experience of the old guard against the raw energy and ambition of the new.

The film's co-stars include Alexis Manenti, Déborah Lukumuena, Nina Zem, Nicolas Maury, Philippe Katerine, Paul Mirabel, Panayotis Pascot, Manu Payet and Alice Moitié, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Production on the film began in Paris on February 26th but it does not yet have an official release date.

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