All About Texas Eclipse, a Festival at the Intersection of Music, Art, Space and Technology

With a plethora of one-of-a-kind experiences that will "transport you to another world," the organizers of Texas Eclipse are currently working on last-minute preparations ahead of the hotly anticipated festival in Burnet.

Slated for April 5-9, Texas Eclipse 2024 will take place at the 1,300-acre Reveille Peak Ranch, which is being transformed into a thriving metropolis of creativity, insight and inspiration as we write. In a matter of days, thousands of like-minded individuals will arrive to immerse themselves in a diverse range of music, immersive art installations, mind-blowing space exhibits, bleeding-edge tech activations and thought-provoking speakers.


Before we dive into some of the experiential opportunities offered to attendees, we first have to acknowledge that experiencing the solar eclipse on April 8th is a full-blown rarity in an of itself. Located an hour away from Austin, the ranch is the quintessential viewing point in the line of totality where patrons can witness nearly five minutes of the Moon completely covering the Sun's surface from Earth.

And if you're painfully unaware, the solar eclipse is dangerous to view with the naked eye. The organizers of Texas Eclipse will provide attendees with commemorative viewing glasses courtesy of Space Perspective, the world's first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience.

The fest will also have a designated zone, "Visions of the Future," which will serve as a hub for space exploration and technology. Visitors are invited to explore humanity's technological achievements and ongoing innovations while pondering what our future may hold. Sparking inspiration and a child-like curiosity, this cosmic zone will allow attendees to learn all about outer space from astronauts and renowned thought-leaders who are currently shaping the space.

The Mulitiverse Dome, the brainchild of the founder of Chroma Immersive Tech Studio, is an experiential space at the intersection of art and technology. Attendees can can delve into state-of-the-art installations that showcase humanity's technological achievements and transformative proclivities. 

The Multiverse Dome will have three main offerings, per the Texas Eclipse website:

• Chimera: An innovative blend of art and technology through an Artist-Aligned AI, creating profound and unique encounters.
• Microdose VR: Seamlessly blending art, music, and dance in real-time, virtual, and planetarium settings.
• Samskara Multimedia Art Exhibition: An immersive journey into the inner realms of consciousness, offering a unique exploration of self and the cosmos.

When talking about immersive experiences, however, no one does it quite like Meow Wolf

Revered for developing mind-bending, large-scale interactive art installations, the iconic brand will be presenting an immersive art in a region called "Gone Fishing." Inspired by the simple joys of fishing trips and lakeside lounging, the goal is to "put a truly hyperlocal, Texan twist on Meow Wolf’s immersive art world within the festival," according to a press release shared with

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In addition to all of the tangible art, Texas Eclipse will proudly showcase daily and nightly theatrical Vau de Vire shows featuring over 150 performers. Founded in 1999, this global community consists of classically-trained dancers as well as acclaimed acrobats, aerial artists, sideshow acts, fire performers, thespians and circus entertainers. 

Speaking of movement—throughout the duration of the festival, be sure to check out some of its incredible yoga and movement classes. Your body will thank you. And if you need some extra TLC, tucked away from the goings-on of Texas Eclipse on the other side of the Quarry Lake, you'll find the Bush Spa.

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Last but certainly not least, the music. Attendees should fully immerse themselves in Texas Eclipse's genre-defying beats, which will resonate across seven themed stages: Earth, Sky, Moon, Sun, Lonestar, Eclipse and Ether. 

Captivating both the mind and soul, there's a lot to love on the lineup, which features the likes of Big Gigantic, Tycho, Subtronics, CloZee, Boogie T, LP Giobbi, Zeds Dead, Bob Moses and many, many more.

Check out the full Texas Eclipse 2024 lineup below.

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