Meet [IVY]: The New Face Behind Drum & Bass Inspiring a New Generation of Female Producers

Meet Jasmin Bernard, the enigmatic producer and fashion entrepreneur behind the moniker [IVY]. A force of nature and the latest trailblazer to emerge on the UK drum and bass scene, she has already carved out a name for herself with an audacious blend of creativity, grit and unyielding passion.

It's in that fusion of diverse influences that [IVY] finds her niche, a high-octane concoction of modern drum & bass, spunky 4x4 and the raw dynamism of techno. Having garnered acclaim from BBC Radio 1 and festival stages alike, she’s on a furious rise to stardom, and if you’ve not heard her work before, her electric new single "All I Need" is just the place to begin.

With playful switch-ups, rolling double drops and hypnotic percussion, [IVY]’s sets will be keeping you on your toes—quite literally. Tapping into the euphoric buzz of the nineties rave scene, "All I Need" sends us reeling into the summer months and embodies the uninhibited essence of the rave.