Elon Musk organises ‘Cyber Rodeo’ event as part of Tesla’s Gigafactory opening in Texas

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Throwing the most impressive of company parties that we have seen, Elon Musk ensured that the grand opening of Tesla’s new Texas-based Gigafactory would be one for the history books. Demonstrating his love towards electronic dance music, the Cyber Rodeo event offered the most electrifying of atmospheres, as the rave-like opening of the ceremony, was then followed by a live drone show, leaving everyone in attendance in awe of what was unfolding in front of their eyes. Forming images directly relating to the Tesla enterprise, the 10-minute drone routine left no doubt to the imagination, whilst the techno music echoing in the distance created an experience like no other.

Expected to become the biggest cell factory in the world, as well as serving as the new corporate headquarters for Tesla, it only makes sense that Musk would be delivering an opening event of such magnitude. With almost 15,000 people in attendance, the Cyber Rodeo event was also live streamed, with the man of the moment taking center stage whilst showered in neon lights, a unique spectacle to say the least. No stranger to throwing such parties, it was not that long ago when Musk transformed the production site in Berlin, and in fact, organised a one-day techno and house oriented festival for the launch of the Germany-based Gigafactory.

As spectacular as the next event that is more than set to follow, Musk ensures that the standards are set to the highest of levels, and we are all for it. Providing everyone in attendance with the most unforgettable of experiences, the Cyber Rodeo event has further amplified Musk’s affinity towards our scene, with electronic music elevating the ceremony to a different dimension. Be sure to catch the full event below, and don’t forget to leave us your own thoughts on this highly-eclectic spectacle in the comments section. Visit Tesla’s official website for further information.

Image credits: Elon Musk (via The CEO Magazine)

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