How to Watch the Coachella 2022 Livestream

If you're unable to attend the Influencer Olympics Coachella 2022, don't fret. The festival has got you covered with its 10th annual livestream.

Coachella is now back after a brutal two-year hiatus, and fans can tune into the 2022 fest from the seat of their pants. Over the first weekend of Coachella (April 15-17), you'll be able to watch three different streams, each of which will feature a slew of performances and artist interviews.

The broadcasts kick off at 4PM PT (7PM ET) on Friday and run through Monday night. You can watch all three streams below.

According to YouTube, the streams' organizers are rolling out a number of new features this year. For the first time, the platform will feature Live Chat as part of the viewing experience on desktop and the YouTube App. They'll also use the chat function to share and pin real-time updates on the Coachella lineup and schedule.

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How to Watch the Coachella 2022 Livestream

You'll be able to watch three different YouTube streams, all of which you can find here.


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