Eric Prydz headlines CEA Music Festival with epic hologram livestream

CEA Festival is something that could light up our nights and took place in Chengdu on National China Day – October 3-4, 2020. BrotherHood Music (BHM) is China’s leading festival organizer, known for running the Creamfields and Q-dance China festivals in more than 12 cities. Online festivals deprive the magical crowd experience, but our expectations have been high, considering the experienced teams had been working on this project quite a lot time. The circumstances change for music fans as well as for the DJs, and Eric Prydz has certainly changed things up.

Headlining CEA Festival, Eric Prydz shook things up and performed using a hologram via livestream. It sounds crazy, but it really happened! Appearing to fans in a unique way to put on a massive performance as always, you can view a video of the performance below. This will certainly change things forever in terms of wild new concepts that are available for DJs to perform right now. Would you go to a festival to see a producer play as a hologram?

The music industry, among every other parts of society, has taken a big hit by the coronavirus. Social distancing has postponed the participation in live festivals currently. Promising as it may sound, virtual sets are being held for music fans to enjoy globally. A break needed and an energy boost would give us encouragement.

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