Eric Prydz hints at release of his ANYMA & Chris Avantgarde’s ‘Consciousness’ remix

Eric Prydz is a master at his craft. Whether it’s through his main project or side aliases, the man is constantly leaving listeners in awe with the music he creates. That time might soon come again as Prydz himself has revealed that his latest remix of “Consciousness” by ANYMA and Chris Avantgarde is just upon the horizon.

As the original techno track was first released in May, “Consciousness” was instantly regarded as one of the best songs in the first part of 2022. With one half of the legendary duo, Tale of Us, Matteo Milleri being the mastermind behind his solo project ANYMA, it was only a matter of time until other producers got their hands on this masterpiece. Now one of the all-time greats in Eric Prydz will soon show the world his spin on “Consciousness.”

Prydz revealed on Twitter that he was approached with the idea and is currently working on the rework and that it’s “coming out very soon.” While little is known about what the actual “Consciousness” remix will end up sounding like, it’s no question that the Swedish superstar always holds his releases to the highest standard, so expect nothing but the best. A version of the remix is currently on Soundcloud, but it is uncertain how close to representing the final version it is. Regardless, from what we can hear, it is dark, mysterious, beautiful and stunning. Fans across the world will be anxiously waiting for this one.

Check out the post of Eric Prydz’s remix of “Consciousness” by ANYMA and Chris Avantgarde on Soundcloud below.

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