Excision launches new record label, set to release 120 songs on Monday

Bass legend Excision has done a lot for the heavy electronic music community. From his legacy of releases to creating the popular Lost Lands festival dedicated to bass music, he’s now taking the next step in his career as a producer and has created his very own record label.

Called Subsidia, the label will be home to all kinds of bass music from melodic based styles to the hard-hitting sound we all know and love from Excision. Supporting both established artists and the new generation of young and upcoming talents, this label will be the place where they can flourish. Speaking about the reason why he wanted to start a label, he has always supported creativity and diversity in as many ways as possible within the scene and felt like creating the label would be the next biggest step to do that.

in a certainly unique way to start off a label, he’s decided to release a whopping 120 songs from over 100 different artists on Monday as part of a ‘Dusk’‘Night’ and ‘Dawn’ compilation which will show off all the different styles of bass music that fans can expect to find on Subsidia. On the label’s Twitter account here, you can find just a few of the artists featured on Monday’s massive compilation and you can view the teaser below.

Image credit: Rukes.com 

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