Fatima Yamaha presents first album since 2015 ‘Spontaneous Order’

Dutch funk producer Bas Bron, better known as Fatima Yamaha, is going to release his first album since 2015, when he presented ‘Imaginary Lines’. The upcoming album ‘Spontaneous Order’ will be coming out on November 13 via Magnetron Music.

Known for iconic tracks like his catchy tune ‘What’s a Girl to Do‘, ‘Love Invaders‘ or ‘Araya‘, the Dutchman is back stronger than ever with what promises to be another great LP. The 46-year-old artist has already given a preview of how his 10-track album will sound, having just released one of the tracks that will be part of ‘Spontaneous Order’. The song is called ‘Day We Met‘ and it’s an absolute heck of a tune. Premiered by the one and only Annie Mac on her BBC Radio 1 show Radio 1’s Future Sounds, this record follows the classic Fatima Yamaha funky pop style. Led by catchy melodies, retro angelical pads and basses, and vocoder vocals, ‘Day We Met’ is the type of song that will instantly get you in a happy mood.

The name behind the album ‘Spontaneous Order’ comes from a scientific theory: ‘The Spontaneous Order is the spontaneous emergence of order out of seeming chaos through the self-organisation’. This concept intends to give us the message to embrace things that we can’t control. When asked about the music in his album, Fatima Yamaha said: “It’s electronic music. I like funk”.

While we await for ‘Spontaneous Order’ to come out, listen to Fatima Yamaha’s brand new track ‘Day We Met’ below:

Image credit: Gobinder Jhitta



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