Pubs in England face £1000 fine for playing music above 85 decibels or allowing dancing

With the COVID-19 virus still as active as ever in England, the rules of what UK residents can and can’t do in regards to social activities are always changing, and it can be very confusing. When pubs re-opened, it wasn’t long until some of them were closing again and now a new law has come into effect which directly affects music and dancing.

Without any prior approval by parliament, the new law which states that pubs are not allowed to play music above 85 decibels or allow pub-goers to dance came into place on September 27. It’s part of a whole host of new laws, and it will affect the pub experience for many. Unfortunately, this could be in place up until Spring, like many new laws are expected to stay in place until. This law also comes after the announcement that all establishments are to close at 10PM to try and curb the growth of COVID-19 cases in England – although many people gather in the streets and crowd places outside once establishments are closed.

Currently, the government is coming under fire from the #WeMakeEvents movement where the UK events sector is urgently asking for support from the government to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, and without it the whole sector is at risk of collapse.

Image credit: Toby McGuire

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