REZZ Announces Limited Series of Drive-In Concerts

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, promoters and artists alike have adapted to the absence of live music by planning drive-in shows. Myriad artists in the EDM scene—many who are struggling during these harrowing times—have pulled off safe, successful performances, including deadmau5, Carnage, and Adventure Club. As our friends at Your EDM point out, while drive-in events don't exactly mirror the ineffable experience of a normal concert, they represent the best option available to musicians at the moment.

As the drive-in rave craze continues its surge in the wake of COVID-19, another major electronic music artist has entered the fray.

Juno Award-winning bass music producer REZZ has now thrown her hat into the ring. Taking to Twitter to share the news, she announced a limited run of drive-in shows on October 15th, 16th, and 17th in Columbus, Chicago, and Atlanta. In her post, REZZ also stated that she wants to plan even more drive-in raves in the future. "May do a few more in the coming months, where to go next?" she asked fans. We can't help but think about how cool a Halloween-themed drive-in rave with REZZ would be. However, as of the time of this article's publishing, REZZ hasn't announced anything of the sort. But we can certainly dream.

It's also worth noting that REZZ recently revealed she has started to work on another album. Fans attending the forthcoming concerts could very well hear some new music from the midtempo prodigy.

Tickets to REZZ's upcoming drive-in shows officially go on sale tomorrow. You can check out her announcement below.

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