First-Ever “Sleep Rave” Lulls Amsterdam Into a Slumber for Neuroscience Research

In a dark chapel in Amsterdam, a surreal fusion of beats and beds culminated in a first-of-its-kind event dubbed the "Sleep Rave."

30 attendees, who found themselves nestled in comfy beds and surrounded by the gentle glow of purple lights, were treated to a woozy eight-hour DJ set by Dutch electronic music duo Mr. Belt & Wezol.

In partnership with tech giant Samsung, the event at Hotel Arena was designed to discover how the attendees’ state of rest was impacted by the flow of certain sounds. Participants had their rest tracked via the company's Galaxy Watch 6 wearable tech.

Samsung's "Sleep Rave" at the 2023 Amsterdam Dance Event.

Dutch Cowboys/Laura Jenny

The "Sleep Rave" served as a precursor to the more energetic Amsterdam Dance Event, setting a serene environment complete with lavender mocktails. Conversations centered around sleep, shedding light on our nocturnal habits and the tech that tracks them.

The event also included helpful discourse led by Dr. Els van der Helm, an acclaimed neuroscientist and sleep expert who has consulted with Spotify on the subject, among other high-profile brands.

Meanwhile, as Dutch Cowboys reports, Mr. Belt & Wezol described their set as "Dory-fied music," as if to describe it as Ellen DeGeneres' floaty and whimsical character from Finding Nemo. Following the experiment, warbling bird calls nudged the ravers awake as organizers allowed them a peek at their sleep data harvested by the smartwatch.

Samsung's "Sleep Rave" at the 2023 Amsterdam Dance Event.

Dutch Cowboys/Laura Jenny

Dr. van der Helm remarked on the prominent role music plays in the sleep rituals of Gen-Z and Millennials in the Netherlands, illuminating the potential for an alliance between electronic music and sleep science. On October 29th, he and Mr. Belt & Wezol will release an optimized 90-minute set for sleep based around the findings of the Amsterdam study.

"With this 'Sleep Rave,' Samsung wants to make people aware of the importance of sleep and show how the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 can help gain insight into sleep patterns," said Carlijn Prins, Digital Marketing Communication Specialist at Samsung Electronics. "Based on these insights, people can work more specifically on their health, both during the day and at night."

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