Four Tet and William Tyler Share 10-Minute, Psychedelic Rock-Inspired Track, “Darkness, Darkness”

Your classic rock-obsessed uncle will adore this one.

Kieran Hebden, best known as Four Tet, has teamed up with William Tyler to release a pair of new collaborations. The first, "Darkness, Darkness," is available now while the second will be released as a B-side in late June.

"Darkness, Darkness," a 10-minute track, samples Gloria Loring's cover of The Youngbloods' 1969 psychedelic rock track of the same name. The new single follows the release of Hebden's lengthy ambient record "Three Drums" and his headlining Coachella set alongside Fred again.. and Skrillex.

"Darkness, Darkness" opens quietly with staticky radio or TV sounds in the distance while Tyler lays down some alluring guitar plucks. Slowly, the arrangement unfurls with layered strings and a trip-hop bassline that expands with each passing minute. Vocals from Loring's cover are introduced midway through, taking us on a technicolor trip to the late 60s.

Building to a dramatic conclusion, the duo bring forth a heavily distorted electric guitar solo reminiscent of those cool records your uncle would show you when he goes on his rants about how "no one makes real music anymore."

"Darkness, Darkness" is out now on Psychic Hotline. You can stream the single below and pre-order a physical copy here

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