Four Tet Takes Us Back to Indio With New Remix of Chris Lake’s “In The Yuma”

Wait, is it already time for Coachella?

Inspired by his 2019 performance in the Indio festival's iconic Yuma Tent, Chris Lake joined forces with Aatig for "In The Yuma" last fall. Slow and steady, the piano-driven single laid down an infectious groove highlighted by a languid, creaking synth breakdown. Now, months after the viral release, Four Tet has shared his vision of the track weeks after he headlined Coachella with Fred again.. and Skrillex.

Chopping the vocals and keys into sharp hits that slice through a chugging house beat, Four Tet injects wobbly basslines that slide in and out of consciousness in his massive rework. The arrangement builds to a metallic climax of isolated wobbles that speed up to terminal velocity before he sends us back into a funky, danceable groove to round out the toe-tapping remix. 

Four Tet's remix of "In The Yuma" is out now by way of Astralwerks and Lake's Black Book Records. Check out the track below.



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