Four Tet’s Haunting “Three” Album Speaks Volumes Without Words

If we've learned anything about Four Tet by now, it's that so much can be said with so little words.

There's nary a single spoken word in his new album, Three. But its music shimmers with encoded epiphanies, the illusory kind that can only come from Four Tet's singular imagination.

Each instrumental track is a mosaic that speaks in tongues of warm resonance and glitchy futurism. A master of splicing conflicting emotions, Four Tet produces forlorn ambient ballads at times and carefree, walk-on-air house music at others.

Three entwines crackly IDM and folktronica into an embroidered ether that blooms with each transient phrase. Just like most of Four Tet's albums, it's a secret grove with eerie liminal spaces to get lost in.

Case in point is "Gliding Through Everything," an undeniable highlight. Awash in a haze of phantasmic arpeggios, its effervescent production ultimately mutates into a haunting coda. The same goes for "Storm Crystals," a dazzling track that could flush your serotonin if not for its woozy synths.

Three is out now on Four Tet's own Text Records imprint. Listen to the full album below.