Smith & Sorren and Kyogre Showcase Collaborative C….

In the bustling world of tech house music, the partnership between Smith & Sorren and Kyogre stands out, each bringing their distinct flair to the genre. Kyogre, a New York-based producer, has solidified his position with a notable shift towards tech house, previously making waves across the broader electronic music spectrum. His track “Move Like This,” in collaboration with Corrupt (UK), secured a top-five spot on Beatport’s Bass House chart, marking a pivotal moment in his career. His work, celebrated by both peers and fans, reflects a dedication to evolving his sound within the tech house scene.

Smith & Sorren, another New York duo, have turned their lifelong friendship into a musical alliance that resonates widely. They have made a mark with their ability to craft tracks that not only earn spots on Spotify’s prestigious editorial playlists but also garner support from icons like Diplo and David Guetta. Their remix of “Baddest Of Them All” by Eliza Rose has received acclaim, showcasing their ability to blend infectious rhythms with memorable melodies.

Their latest collaboration, “Dirty Dancer,” featured in the ‘MMW 2024 Sampler’ from Hood Politics, is one part of a greater whole. Brandon Smith’s vocal performance adds a personal touch to the track, which has already received support from DJ Susan, signaling its success on dance floors around the globe.

Hood Politics Records, known for its discerning taste in tech house and house music, introduces “Dirty Dancer” as a part of its lineup for Miami Music Week 2024. This event, scheduled for March 29th, is eagerly awaited by fans and industry insiders alike, promising to be a showcase of talent and innovation.

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