Fully Focus & Sofiya Nzau Break New Ground with &#….

Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau are at the front of a musical evolution with their latest venture, ‘Mwanake’. Following the viral success of ‘Mwaki’, the dynamic duo presents the lead single from Fully Focus‘ innovative EP, ‘Kikuyu House’. This EP marks a significant departure from conventional music as Fully Focus skillfully intertwines elements of traditional Kikuyu melodies with the beats of house music, bringing in a new era in sound.


‘Mwanake’, the EP’s lead single, showcases this fusion of genres. Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau expertly blend the sound of Kikuyu music with the flair of house rhythms, paying homage to Kenya’s musical heritage while injecting it with a modern twist. The song’s narrative of unexpected love resonates universally, transcending cultural boundaries and appealing to audiences worldwide.


Speaking on the release, Fully Focus said, “‘Mwanake ’is more than just a song; it’s the heart of the ‘Kikuyu House’ project. We aimed to honor the rich musical tradition of the Kikuyu culture while presenting it in a format that resonates with today’s borderless audience. This EP, starting with ‘Mwanake,’ is a journey through time, culture, and sound.”


With ‘Mwanake’ now available for streaming on all major platforms, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the groundbreaking sound of ‘Kikuyu House’.


Listen Now:



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