Fundraising Campaign Launched to Support Endlesss App Founder Amid Cancer Treatment

Tim Exile, founder of the now-shuttered app and music software business Endlesss, is in need of urgent support as he navigates a dire cancer crisis.

After being diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer in July 2023, Exile has undergone multiple surgeries all while fathering his twins and working to keep Endlesss afloat for both its employees and community of musicians.

In November, he was told that his only chances of beating the cancer involved a major surgery to remove his bladder, prostate and a section of bowel. Preparing to undergo the surgery also meant finding a buyer for his company so he could focus on his recovery. The surgery took place at the end of April.

Just a few weeks after the surgery, the deal sadly collapsed and the company shut down, leaving Exile and his family in a desperate state. He had dedicated almost a decade of his life building and funding the business, leaving him without any income or savings and facing a huge amount of debt.

While he's now recovering from the surgery, complications arose and his family is in need of financial help while he heals, according to a fundraising campaign launched by his family.

"Tim is making progress but his recovery will take time," reads the GoFundMe page. "He’s getting used to a body that functions very differently and he recently had to be readmitted to hospital with complications from the surgery. This has all taken a big toll on his strength. Tim and his family need to meet their living costs while he recovers. Once his strength is back, the hard work to rebuild their life begins."

For more information and to make a donation, head here.

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