Galantis and NGHTMRE drop music video for ‘Tu Tu Tu (That’s Why We)’

Proving to be a surprise collaboration, no one saw it coming when energetic duo Galantis and bass connoisseur NGHTMRE teamed up (with singer Liam O’Donnell) for a collaboration. With their electronic music styles reaching completely different sides and corners of the music industry, it turned out to be a massive hit, proving that opposites really do attract. ”Tu Tu Tu (That’s Why We)” saw them meet in the middle with their signature sounds, churning out an energetic, fun and danceable track which had traces of pop elements written into it, and it couldn’t have gone better. With each artist proving that they can mould their sounds to fit other shapes, it proved to be a hit collab with it garnering over 3 million plays on Spotify since its release just last month.

Now, Galantis and NGHTMRE have dropped the anticipated music video to accompany the track, coming as a nice midweek surprise to fans. Uploaded to the Ultra Music YouTube channel, it may not come as a surprise to learn that the music video is as wacky and fun-loving as the track itself. Giving off the same vibes, this is arguably one of the best videos we’ve seen for a track this year. Giving us something to laugh about and cheer us up during these times, the video focuses on a group of people who all seem to be overcome by the beat of the track, leading to some seriously weird dance moves and reactions. Reflecting what many have probably done whilst listening to the track in the confides of their own homes, this video definitely needs to be watched!

‘Tu Tu Tu (That’s Why We)’ proved why Galantis and NGHTMRE are a (very unlikely) match made in heaven, and we hope to see more collaborative efforts from them in the future.

Image credit: press

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