“Ganja Garden”: Cannabis Culture Comes to Dirtybird Campout

Claude VonStroke is back with the eighth iteration of Dirtybird Campout, and this time he's blazing new trails—with cannabis.

While it's true that producers of events like Northern Nights and Outside Lands have had cannabis zones for years, next weekend at California’s Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds, Dirtybird Campout may be bridging the two worlds of dance music and cannabis in ways never seen before.

This year, the cannabis business stretches roots deeper into the house and music scene with electronic music luminaries like Justin Jay, Mr. Carmack, Nala, VNSSA, Walker & Royce and so many more from October 7-9.

Via their flagship festival—where everything that happens is created, curated and hosted by a major house and techno label—the unveiling of Dirtybird's new "Ganja Garden" marks a new strata of cannabis adoption in California's dance music scene. With its inclusion, the summer camp-styled music festival hatches plans for its biggest and boldest experience yet. 

DBC22 - Ganja Garden Announce - FINAL
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"Ganja Garden": Cannabis Culture Comes to Dirtybird Campout

Now you can buy cannabis, learn to roll it and smoke it at Dirtybird’s famously ratchet, summer camp-themed music festival—and it's 100% legal.

As the name implies, Ganja Garden is a safe zone to smoke, much like a beer garden is for those who want to imbibe a few drinks at a music festival. But in true Dirtybird form, there’s a twist.

From joint- and blunt-rolling contests to bong-making workshops to full-on academic-style debates, there’s a list of competitions and activities to take the event to the next level.

Other activities include a "wake-n-bake" beatmaking session, strain-naming contest and a very special whodunnit murder mystery where cannabis is the only thing in the room that definitely wasn't the murder weapon. Courtesy of People’s Remedy, all the staples will be available too, for those who want to enjoy flower, vaporizers, edibles or even beverages with cannabis.

If that all wasn’t enough, Arnold & Lane, Kevin Knapp and Luke Andy are offering a bit of early morning magic for the Ganja Garden throughout the weekend. Sets from underground legends and Dirtybird’s inner circle—who would normally be wizarding somewhere behind the curtain—are planned from the likes of Benji Fink, Da Casa, Deron Delgado, DJ Sneak, Scavazza, Tiana Terese, ZOF, Zora Monico and more.   

Tickets for Dirtybird Campout are still available here.


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