Giolì & Assia – Hands On Me

The well-known Italian duo Giolì & Assia, producers behind the tracks; “Habibi”, “Feel Good” and “Inside Your Head” – just released a brand-new Single to boost the weekend, called “Hands On Me”. The new single “Hands On Me”, composed of deep Kick, emotion-driven piano chords, and groovy percussion, packed in an elegant 122 BPM track that moves the listener’s body on the beat is the perfect way to start the weekend.

The multi-instrumentalist duo includes Giolì who plays Piano, Cello, Drums, Guitar, and Handpan. As well as Assia who handles the lead vocal along with the mixing console. Their relationship as a duo started out in an unusual manner. Assia was initially Gioli’s manager and their partnership then evolved into a creative duo of production and songwriting. Their 2017 debut consisted of the single “Stay Closer” and in the following year, the duo released their debut album called “Istantanee”. Followed by the stand-alone single “Something Special” which released under Spinnin’ Records. After the release of “Something Special”, the duo attracted attention to their music which got them the residency at the “Privilege” club in Ibiza that year. The duo’s style of music combined with techno, house, indie, and pop, creates a blend of harmonies and beats that gives Giolì & Assia their unique sound. In 2020 the duo released the standalone singles “Habibi” and “Darling”. Earlier this year “Habibi” reached the status of TIME’s “Best Songs of the Week”.


Listen to “Hands On Me”:


Image Credit: Giolì & Assia Press

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