Hardwell releases his second last track of new album titled ‘Self Destruct’: Listen

With REBELS NEVER DIE slowly approaching its release completion, Hardwell is out with his 13th track, titled ‘Self Destruct’. The glitchy release serves as a culmination of a musical artwork that was in development during Hardwell’s hiatus.

‘Self Destruct’ is the latest and second last release by the Dutch legend Hardwell as a part of his highly-anticipated album REBELS NEVER DIE. Released this Friday on Revealed Music, it brings us closer to the full completion of album release – although its full release was never announced, Hardwell took the unconventional path of revealing the tracks every couple of weeks during the whole summer, while at the same time touring the globe and making history with spectacular sets such as the one at this year’s Tomorrowland, which made the the audience and his fans even more hyped about each released track. This latest release was used as a part of closing his return set at Ultra Miami, a historical comeback set which announced his upcoming (and currently ongoing) global tour as well as the album he had in the works over the course of his touring hiatus.

As one would expect from an Ultra Miami closing track, this release goes all out to remind everyone once again why is Hardwell such a wanted name in the festival industry. One cannot simply be indifferent to the mastery of chaos and futuristic sound that Hardwell has been showing for months now, and one can only imagine what to expect for the final track of the album. In the meantime, we can experience the pure energy in this track and all releases that came before. His next tour stop is none other than Creamfields North in UK so make sure to find yourself at the Horizon stage this Sunday to witness his mastery.

‘Self Destruct’ by Hardwell is out on all platforms this Friday 26th of August, and revealed by Revealed Music, so make sure to check it out down below:

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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