Hospitalized Pediatric Care Patients Learn to DJ In Virtual Reality

Learning the art of DJing can provide a much-needed creative outlet to children hospitalized in longterm care.

Tribe XR is drawing upon the power of dance music to forge a noble new initiative in hospital rooms throughout the United States.

It's arguably not talked about enough, but the fact is, becoming a professional DJ with industry-standard equipment bears an upfront cost of several thousand dollars. Tribe XR is lowering that barrier to entry for aspiring DJs by bringing the industry's leading hardware essentials to the metaverse in order to teach a new generation of stars.

The VR platform teaches the art of DJing via daily masterclasses and workshops. After teaming up with the nonprofit Amp Ur Room, the technology is now becoming increasingly available to pediatric hospital patients, many of whom may otherwise spend prolonged periods in isolation during their longterm care. The experience of learning how to DJ provides a much-needed creative outlet and escape.

The organization has also powered initiatives that have created remote concert and entertainment experiences for kids, and facilitated meet-and-greets with a host of major artists.

Over 2,000 children have been positively impacted throughout Amp Ur Room's six years of service thus far. Donations to help facilitate the organization's latest efforts can be made via its website.


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