HUGEL Drops Long-Awaited Remix of “Patadas de Ahogado”

The airwaves have been set ablaze with HUGEL's sizzling remix of LATIN MAFIA and Humbe's global hit, "Patadas de Ahogado."

Carried by Humbe's emotive vocals, the dreamscapes of "Patadas de Ahogado" take on a new life, ready to set dancefloors alight while retaining the original's heartfelt core. The rework has been doing just that, becoming a staple in HUGEL's DJ sets after going viral on social media over two months ago.

HUGEL imbues tinctures of Afro-house magic to the ambient textures of "Patadas de Ahogado." The red-hot producer has woven strands of sultry house music into the atmospheric production of the original, flipping it into a unique indietronica track oozing with soul.

You can listen to the new remix of "Patadas de Ahogado" below and find it on streaming platforms here.