ILLENIUM – Paper Thin (feat. Tom DeLonge x Angels & Airwaves)

American DJ and producer ILLENIUM dropped a new single called ‘Paper Thin‘ featuring Angels & Airwaves frontman and ex-Blink 182 member Tom Delonge. Those who grew up listening to 2000’s rock might be surprised to see this collaboration, but this brand new song is definitely the best choice to get nostalgic while enjoying ILLENIUM’s outstanding production skills.

‘Paper Thin’ is the perfect mixture of both genres of melodic dubstep and pop-punk/alternative rock, as well as the characteristics of the two artists. Tom Delonge’s vocals take us a trip down memory lane, blending perfectly with the emotion-filled drop that will leave us floating in euphoria. ILLENIUM expressed his feelings on the collab, saying that “Paper Thin was really a dream project for me. I got to collaborate with one of my favorite artists ever, Tom DeLonge.”  We can definitely hear the love he put in the production, together with the smooth rock melody Angels & Airwaves provided to the song. However, ILLENIUM’s work didn’t need an introduction to rock music. ‘Paper Thin’ wasn’t the only project where his music met a member of Blink 182, since world-famous drummer Travis Barker did a remix for his song ‘Good Things Fall Apart (ft. Jon Bellion)’ in 2019. Another song where his music collided with rock is called ‘Feel Something’ he made together with Excision and American metalcore band I Prevail released earlier this year.

ILLENIUM dropped his third studio album ‘Ascend’ in 2019, which was nominated for ‘Best Album’ by the International Dance Music Awards this year. His fans didn’t have to wait for too long for a new release after he premiered his last single ‘Nightlight‘ by an independent record label 12Tone on August 28. We have to keep an eye on his music, so make sure you do the same and listen to his latest tracks below.

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