Zedd and Griff shine with new dance-pop hit ‘Inside Out’

Zedd has finally returned with another original track in the form of an incredible vocal anthem ‘Inside Out’, crafted immaculately alongside the flawless UK singer Griff.

In 2020, Zedd tracks have been few and far between, but for his die-hard fans its been well worth the wait as ‘Inside Out’ pushes new production boundaries. Working on the track for a year and half, the 31-year-old musician revealed he spent a significant amount of time seeking the right vocalist to sit atop his piano-driven top-lines. Sharing the limelight with the grammy-award-winning producer, a young Griff was definitely the perfect fit as she dazzles with her enchanting tones and authentic songwriting on the new single. When talking of the single, the talented two-some expressed their hopes that the release will bring a sense of optimism and positivity and serve as a reminder to everyone that better times will come.

So far this year the German-Russian producer had only released Funny’ with Jasmine Thompson in tandem with a stripped version of the dance-pop hit. Now ‘Inside Out’ joins an illustrious arsenal of hits, expect to hear it on heavy rotation as mainstream radio stations are bound to pick up this infectious number.

Be sure to check out Zedd and Griff and their outstanding teamwork on ‘Inside Out’ below!


Image Credit: Mobile Beat



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