Faithless Release Trailer For Brand New Album ‘All Blessed’

The eclectic UK dance act Faithless dropped a trailer for their upcoming album ‘All Blessed.’ It will be the first studio album in 10 years since the last LP ‘The Dance‘ was released back in 2010. Fortunately, the wait is over since the whole project is out on October 23, but this short video will help put us into the mood until then.

The vivid scenery features images reflecting on what defined these 10 years, such as Black Lives Matter protests, wildfires, the coronavirus pandemic, and pictures of poverty and pollution. In contrast, we can enjoy remarkable footage of people dancing on rooftops to give us peace. Faithless wanted to reflect “what has always been our manifesto: be conscious, be caring & love yourself so you can love others,” and they already managed to do that with this 1:24 minute-long trailer. To give us a little taste, they revealed the first single from the album ‘Synthesizer‘ featuring Nathan Ball on the vocals, on August 28 via BMG. They said that “this is the track that got us thinking of doing a new album in the first place. A love letter to what we do and the music we make and also a little social commentary on our obsession with technology.

The trailer for ‘All Blessed’ includes three songs from the album: ‘Take Your Time’ (ft. Damien Jurado & Suli Breaks), ‘I Need Someone’ (ft Nathan Ball & Caleb Fami), and ‘Remember’ (ft Suli Breaks & L.S.K.). After seven Top 10 singles, six Top 10 albums, countless mesmerizing performances, we can see that Faithless’s 25-year long journey has not come to an end yet. It will continue with brand new euphoric dance anthems that will bless our souls during these troubled times.

Image Credit: Faithless Press


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