Insomniac Events to partner with ‘End Overdose’

Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac HQ announced their partnership with End Overdose, a non-profit organization committed to ending the opioid crisis through proper prevention and aid to those who are actively overdosing.

In a lengthy and heartfelt post to Facebook, Pasquale Rotella and the rest of Insomniac Events shared some sobering information regarding the current opioid crisis.  The post reads, “We are facing a deadly drug epidemic that is growing at exponential rates every single day.  Dangerous levels of fentanyl are being found in many forms of powder and pill-pressed substances, and oftentimes laced in other lower-risk drugs.”  The post continues to announce that beginning at Escape Halloween,  Insomniac Events will be partnering up with the End Overdose organization to help distribute supplies in case of an emergency and will also be at the festivals to ask questions and help raise awareness.

In addition to the presence of the non-profit organization, Insomniac Events announced that they are permitting festival-goers to bring sealed intranasal versions of Naxolone (aka Narcan) in case of emergencies.  Insomniac Events also strongly encourages all festival-goers to order fentanyl test strips and to educate themselves on recognizing when someone is overdosing so that proper aid can be given.  “The more of us that are equipped with this knowledge, the better chance we have at keeping each other safe”, says the post.

To learn more about overdose prevention, order aid supplies, or get certified in recognizing the signs of overdose click here.

Image Credit: Shea Flynn for Insomniac Events

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