Kayzo and Scarlxrd See the World Through Broken Glass in Searing Single, “Eyes Wide Xpen”

Kayzo and Scarlxrd's new single, "Eyes Wide Xpen," isn't comfortable—it's a furious excavation of the buried truths we choose to ignore.

A punishing blend of metal, hip-hop and trap music, the track rips open like a ruptured artery, Kayzo's bass a barbed-wire riff twisting through Scarlxrd's snarling verses. The latter's lyrics are jagged hooks, each syllable laced with a bitter truth about society's decay.

Simultaneously invigorating and unsettling, Scarlxrd's claustrophobic verses offer a beautifully abrasive exploration of the human condition's darker recesses. To that end, the song is a primal scream that demands to be heard amidst the noise of the modern world, a hellscape of technological alienation and emotional desolation.

Kayzo crafts a melody akin to a rusted razor scraping against bone, a brutal counterpoint to the hollowness exposed by Scarlxrd's tormented vocals. It's clear that the beloved producer, who recently tore up EDC Las Vegas alongside a live band, remains fascinated by nu-metal's potential to push dance music to its most manic levels.

Listen to "Eyes Wide Xpen" below.