You Can Make Beats On This Insane Arcade-Style Console—But It’ll Run You $10,000

The machine's creators, Endlesss, received an unlikely first customer for the product: former NBA All-Star Baron Davis.

The future of beatmaking could very well be gamified—just ask the creators of the Endlesss Arcade.

The device comes from the creators of the Endlesss platform, a Web3-based collaborative music-making tool. According to the company's website, the idea to create an arcade-style production machine came from one community member's humble musings. "What if Endlesss was an arcade machine," NJ Lang posted via Discord.

It was an idea received favorably in principle, but then he actually went and built it, and suddenly everything changed. The prototype went on tour at high-profile conventions in NYC and Lisbon, where it eventually attracted the attention of former NBA All-Star Baron Davis, who decided he needed to become customer number one.


Davis' investment likely came at a steep price, as these machines are set to begin retailing at an introductory price of nearly $10,000, according to Endlesss.

However, something about old-school arcade machines mixed with embedded samples has turned the once pie-in-the-sky idea into an early hit with those who've experienced it. It even contains the functionality of being able to leverage custom VST-driven inputs and hardware samples, too.

A limited batch of 25 Endlesss Arcade machines will be available for release in February.

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