Listen: Rare Demos From The Prodigy’s Unreleased Archives Have Been Unearthed

The YouTube channel All Souvenirs has uploaded several unreleased versions of some of The Prodigy's biggest records.

A YouTube channel paying homage to all things The Prodigy has uploaded clips of rare demos and previously unreleased content that bring new perspective to the iconic band's early-career releases. 

The channel, All Souvenirs, most recently showcased a version of "Brainstorm (Rock’n’Roll)," a track The Prodigy frequently performed live but never saw an official studio release.


The grungy 1996 demo is just one of many recent clips uploaded to the channel. Other notable pieces include an early demo version of "The Day Is My Enemy," the opener to The Prodigy's 2015 album by the same name. The demo dates back to 2012 and comes from a more hybridized approach where electronic-rock meets trap compared to the final cut.

Also unearthed from the band's archive was an alternate version of the band's The Fat of the Land opener, "Smack My Bitch Up," which includes an ethereal verse from former English pop singer Sheila Chandra. The Prodigy recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the album in 2022, which also marked their first tour since the tragic death of the group's frontman, Keith Flint.


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