Kill The Noise Shares Pensive Journey Into the Human Psyche on New Album, “HOLLOW WORLD”

As a stalwart of electronic music who has championed the genre for over a decade, Kill The Noise never ceases to push the envelope. His third album, HOLLOW WORLD, is a testament to that persevering innovation.

HOLLOW WORLD showcases why Kill The Noise has remained one of the scene's most influential producers. Bolstered by his masterful production and a compelling roster of collaborators, the album tells a deeply introspective story.

Kill The Noise effortlessly paints evocative soundscapes that convey the complexities of human emotions while telling a cohesive story. Songs like the titular "Hollow World" and "Ultraviolent" call upon raw frustration and anger while others, like "Give Out," praise perseverance. 

"Paper Moon" explores the fragility of happiness as its subtle drops allow us to fully absorb Anjulie's immaculate vocals and clever lyrics. "I LUV U" draws upon the feelings of unrequited love, as the warmth from the first drop is quickly lost in the second before the phone line goes unanswered to close out the track.

Listen to HOLLOW WORLD in-full below.

“The album delves deep into the complexities of the human spirit, revealing our virtues and vices," says Kill The Noise. "It uncovers the truth about our potential for change, whether it manifests as enlightenment or a descent into darkness. HOLLOW WORLD serves as the backdrop for these emotional struggles and changes. Within its realm, these transformations materialize, morphing individuals into monstrous beings or transcendent figures. The journey of introspection becomes a courageous act, as some are fearful of confronting their inner selves, while others dare to embark on the path of self-discovery."

You can find the new album on streaming platforms here.



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