L U C Y loses mask and changes artist name to LCY

The artist formerly known as L U C Y is changing her artist name to LCY, and losing the mask associated with her previous project.

The new moniker will see LCY shift her musical focus towards a darker sound. Her debut release is a four-track eponymous EP ‘LCY’, which sees the London-based artist sample her previous work as L U C Y and rework the sounds to fit her new style.

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‘LCY’ will be available as a free download to anyone who signs up to the SZNS7N label boss' mailing list by Sunday. Sign up here, or purchase it Bandcamp.

Speaking about the decision to reveal her face, LCY said: “The reason I started wearing a mask was for anonymity and for listeners’ focus to be on the music and the art. Sadly, in recent years I feel this reason has backfired and the mask has become a focal point of what I do and not of my craft. The opposite of what I initially intended.

“Masks don’t belong to me or my culture. Research the masks' roots and respect them, especially in a time when they are, disgustingly, being linked to racist attacks and abuse. Please respect anyone who chooses to cover their face and thank you for respecting my decision to cover mine over this time.”

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