Listen to Aaron Hibell’s Explosive Trance Remix of the “Oppenheimer” Theme

Aaron Hibell aspires to soundtrack a Christopher Nolan film one day, and after his latest efforts in the studio, he may very well be a lot closer to that goal.

The electronic music producer and composer revealed he'd taken a stab at remixing the Oppenheimer soundtrack theme in the studio, and the results were explosive, to say the least.

Like waves gathering momentum, the low end of Hibell's remix revs to life as cinematic, tension-building strings set the stage for the ultimate catharsis. The satisfying combination of heartstring-tugging melodies, dramatic soundscapes and the spirited pace of 135 BPM trance immediately drew calls from viewers for a full-scale version of the project. 

After splitting the atom between electronic dance music and famed Oppenheimer composer Ludwig Göransson, Hibell admitted he's long held an aspiration to get into film-scoring for Nolan, the movie's Oscar-winning director.

"My two biggest goals of all time are to score a Christopher Nolan film and headline Tomorrowland one day," Hibell commented.

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