Listen to AMÉMÉ and Baron’s Atmospheric Afro-House Track, “Like That”

Blending tribal influences with a heavy dose of groove, AMÉMÉ's new release is a must-listen.

Released in collaboration with French artist Baron, "Like That" evokes both soul and grit through its captivating drums, vocals and melodies. As the atmospheric track ebbs and flows, thematic layers evolve and a moody essence emerges. Minimalist vocal elements compliment the Class of 2023 star's dance-forward beats.

Out now on AMÉMÉ's label One Tribe Records, the song effortlessly combines the fresh talents and cultural influences of both AMÉMÉ and Baron, bringing together their affinities for Afro-house through a disco-inspired lens. Take a listen to "Like That" below.

Trailblazing a path that intersects his heritage and personal influences with cutting-edge dance, AMÉMÉ's innovative production continues to reinforce his position at the forefront of today's Afro-house scene. Meshed with New York City club inspiration, his Beninese background makes for a perfect storm on the dancefloor. 

AMÉMÉ is currently on tour with upcoming performances in Dubai, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and many more. You can stream "Like That" here.

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