Listen to La Kajofol’s “Mystical Techno” Music in New EP

La Kajofol has unveiled an offering of sonic seduction with her latest EP, Darkly Yours.

The French producer's two-track effort is a taste in what she calls "mystical techno," an enchanting stylistic variation in which she has been inclined to incorporate elements of psytrance and even drum & bass into the formula. 

The opening moments of "The Afterlife" are enough to hook listeners for the long haul with an angelic chorus of voices reverberating into the dark abyss of galloping techno kicks. La Kajofol's penchant for crafty multi-genre fusion remains on full display with slippery, psytrance-inspired synths finding their place in the fold.

Following it up with "Virgin Poison," La Kajofol leans further on the gas, pushing 155 BPM with feverishly pulsing rhythms and hard dance-inspired synths. At the track's midpoint, she brings hypnotizing melodic hums to the floor before revving up the machines for a blistering second wind.

Darkly Yours is out now on ARTCORE, an imprint founded by Class of 2023 star Indira Paganotto. Take a listen below.



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