Spotify Launches Personalized Playlist That “Evolves With You” Throughout the Day

Spotify has launched daylist, a new personalized playlist feature that "evolves with you throughout the day," according to the company's CEO, Daniel Ek.

Using their bottomless pit of music metadata, Spotify has essentially curated a living playlist that caters specifically to your patterns of engagement. Dubbed daylist, the playlist reflects your mood based on your listening habits within the app, frequently populating with a new title and list of songs every time it updates.

The daylist feature is designed to be a companion, bringing together "the niche music and microgenres" you usually listen to during particular moments in the day or on specific days of the week, Spotify said in a blog post.

The "hyper-personalized" playlist is said to adapt to your current mood, so if you're typically a morning person, it might start the day with more upbeat songs. And if you're a night owl, it might end with downtempo or lo-fi music.


Similar to the kitschy feel of Spotify's annual "Wrapped" campaign—another byproduct of the company's boundless data mining capabilities—the cringe factor of daylist is strong thanks to nauseating titles like "90s rave rainforest late night." They've also naturally built shareability into the playlist experience, allowing users to share a tailor-made screenshot or a social media sticker that "captures the essence" of their daylist.

As of today, daylist is available to both Free and Premium Spotify users across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

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