Listen to LUPA’s Haunting New mau5trap EP, “Animosity”

With sounds expertly curated for dark warehouses and clubs, "Animosity" takes LUPA's haunting, industrial sound to new heights.

LUPA has returned to mau5trap with a brooding new EP, Animosity.

With sounds expertly curated for dark warehouses and clubs, Animosity takes LUPA's haunting, industrial sound to new heights. The EP is unrelenting from start to finish, comprising an outpour of heavy kicks and winding synths that pave the way for hypnotic vocals.

Animosity opens with "Born a Beast" and Like an Echo." Both pay homage to her roots, as the pounding techno tracks perfectly capture the sound catapulting her through the genre's ranks at the moment. The same can be said of "Our Time Will Come," which utilizes mesmerizing samples to keep fans on their toes

Meanwhile, "Ballad of Fallen Angels" strays furthest from the pack. Here, nostalgic, old-school drums command the arrangement from the get-go, sinking its claws in and never letting go.

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Since debuting on mau5trap in 2021, LUPA has found a home on deadmau5's famed record label. The imprint has released her best work to date, including 2022's remarkable Salivation EP and Animosity.

She explained the inspiration behind the new EP's title in a statement shared with

"Stemming from the Latin word (animus, animi) meaning courage or spirit, up until the 15th century the word Animosity meant vigor or bravery. It wasn’t until fairly recently that Animosity developed its modern definition: hatred," she explained. "The dual definition of Animosity inspired me to create this EP as I thrive in nuance. There is no black and white in this world and instead much of what we perceive is a subtle shade of gray. We cannot have animosity without unwavering passion and so this EP taught me even hatred can lead to love itself."

Listen to Animosity on streaming platforms here.

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