CloZee’s New Track is a Journey Through Sound, Time and Nature: Listen to “Microworlds”

The transcendent track sets the stage for CloZee’s upcoming "Microworlds" album, due out this summer.

CloZee has pioneered her own unique style throughout her career, fusing tribal bass music with euphoric harmonies, cinematic builds and nature-inspired sounds that couldn’t come from anyone else but the woman behind Odyzey Music.

That classic CloZee sound is deeply rooted in her new song, "Microworlds," which also functions as the first peak into her upcoming album of the same name. Due out this summer, the record is one of two new albums from the French electronic music superstar.

"Microworlds is about the stories, people and memories that shaped my world, and how that can also relate and shape someone else’s," CloZee explained in a statement.

The mystical "Microworlds" takes us on a journey through sound, time and nature, evoking the curiosity and intrepid spirit of adventure. The new transcendent track transports you to CloZee's universe, an empyrean world full of imaginative production soaked in emotion and cosmic influences.

You can listen to "Microworlds" below.

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