Zedd Announces Release Date of First Album in 9 Years, “Telos”

Zedd has confirmed a new album, Telos, his first in nearly a decade.

Telos will release on August 30th, Zedd today revealed across his social media. The album follows 2015's scintillating True Colors, which delivered to fans a number of generational dance anthems, like "Beautiful Now" and the Selena Gomez-assisted "I Want You to Know."

"Telos" comes from the ancient Greek word τέλος, which translates to "end," "purpose" or "goal." Used by the legendary philosopher Aristotle, the term is closely associated with the doctrine of teleology, which seeks to explain events and circumstances through the purpose they serve rather than their cause.

Whether or not Zedd plans to channel those themes remains to be seen, but he opened up about the unreleased album back in August 2022, likening it at the time to "a new chapter" of his artistry. He did so again in March of this year, painting a picture of a deeply reflective opus with a nostalgic touch.

"I kind of miss the days where albums had meaning and they were able to give you deeper experience than just some random songs slapped together, which in my opinion a lot of albums these days are," Zedd told USA Today. "There’s not really a story to it. And I've achieved more in my career than I ever dreamed of being able to achieve, so I just ask myself the question what the point would be to making an album if it wasn’t to do something that's deeply special and honest and would give fans the experience that I kind of crave and can rarely find these days."

Fans of Zedd can now pre-save Telos here. Check out his announcement below as well as the album's artwork.

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