“Long Way”: XL Syndicate Out With A New Release

An act of two, XL Syndicate has over thirty years of combined experience in the industry. The two producers recently shared “Long Way” which we are obsessed with! Smooth, soft, and chill, the piece will break out a storm within you as you listen to the melodic synths and the enchanting vocals that have not yet been revealed. The single speaks about making decisions for one’s own gain, and whether or not taking shortcuts will end up being a major regret. 

“The inspiration for it came through the process of working with the talented vocalist on the song to help shape its direction as well as highlight her unique vocal tone and it slowly evolved into a Chill / emotional /Pop vibe with some a bit of cool kid edge to it that draws people in and evokes some emotion,” XL Syndicate shared. Both from Caribbean households, the two artists bring much individuality and uniqueness to their art, which a lot of times cannot be boxed into any one category. Stay tuned for more!

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