Mya Project Unravels “Rain” From Forthcoming Album Dystopia

Dalila Mya, the genius talent who started Mya Project shares a new single called “Rain.” The first song she wrote from the forthcoming album Dystopia was inspired by a rainy night, “I was feeling a little depressed for personal reasons, and I felt like the rain outside was helping me clear up my mind. It's a reminder for everyone that no matter how hard life can be - our strength as human beings is the ability to get back on our feet and never give up on ourselves.”

Mya’s new track comes with an accompanying music video directed by Dalila herself. The singer-songwriter recently explained that the idea arose from her encounters with the  homeless community in a close-by neighborhood, “You might be surprised by the depth and profound wisdom of certain people living on the streets.” 

“Rain” proves once again Mya’s innate talent. The song urges listeners to look for more than the obvious and reconnect with their true selves, “We have lost connection - again/ Shaking earth/ Unexpected shock/ Life is what you ask for only sometimes fearless thoughts of mental revolution you won’t change/ changing all the familiar patterns giving away/ all you can be all you have been through is it that real?”

“I didn’t become an artist. I was born an artist. I had no choice but to follow my purpose in life,” says Mya, when talking about her passion and love for music. She also adds, “I was born with a perfect pitch, a gift and a blessing. My music education started at the age of 3. I was able to play any melody I heard for the first time on my piano. It was a natural choice to pursue a career in music and I consider sound as my purpose.”

Mya carries an important message in her songs, especially in the recent release; “Rain.” She says she wants people to free their mind to “a level of consciousness not yet known. I want people to go deeper in their feelings and experience a connection with their soul. My music is beyond label, beyond category. Free your minds. Like Neo in the Matrix. Don’t be influenced by the media. Be yourself.”

Watch the official video for “Rain” here:

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